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Room in a hotel in Minsk or apartment in Minsk?

Apartment for rent in Minsk
Are you going to visit Minsk? What to choose: room in a hotel in Minsk or apartment in Minsk? Let’s observe the both variants of accommodation in Minsk. Probably most of people would prefer to in a hotel in Minsk, because this variant seems to be more habitual and reliable. It sounds perfect – a superb suit in five star hotel situated in the center of Minsk. It’s rather pleasant to be surrounded by 24hour attention of hotel stuff, which clean your room, serve you meal in restaurant and entertain you in casino or nightclub. If your budget allows it a room in five star hotel is for the best variant of accommodation in Minsk. If not you can stay in 3star hotel in Minsk. But be ready to make a journey in Soviet past. Grey untidy room with old furniture and wet linen, shower room that you will have to share with your next door neighbor, remote distance from the city center and never smiling stuff. The optimal decision is apartment for rent in Minsk. It is rather new variant of short term accommodation, but it is already very popular. One of the main advantages of apartment for rent in Minsk is comfortable living conditions for comparatively low price. You pay for the whole apartment, no matter how many people will live in it. So you can get comfortable and cozy two room apartment in city centerfor the price that you would pay for one person in a small room average hotel. Our Companyoffers modern and newly renovated apartments for rent in Minsk for the reasonable price. Our apartments for rent in Minsk are equipped with all necessary furnitureand household appliances, such as TV, DVD, microwave oven, washing mashing, iron and hair dryer. We provide our guests withfresh bed linen and towels, the dishes and other trifles which will be helpful during you stay in Minsk. Apartment for rent in Minsk is the best way to save your money with comfort! лучшие квартиры на сутки в Минске
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