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ГСЛХУ «Ветковский спецлесхоз»
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Каганович Виктор Львович
БеларусьГомельская областьВеткаул. Октябрьская,139

ГСЛХУ «Ветковский спецлесхоз»

Welcome to the website of the Vetka’s Forestry!
We’ve upgraded the main information about our work to make our site even better. Just pay attention to the links of the users we cooperate with. And if you have any guestions, feel tree to ask them at (vetkales@mail.ru or vetka_les@tut.by).Thank you for your visit!
The town and district of Vetka is an important cultural and historical place for «old believers». It was founded due to the «old believers» who had to flee from Moscow (Russia) after the schism of the Russian Orthodox Church in 1685.
The well-famous USSR ambassador to the USA in the 1940s, Andrey Gromyko, was born in a little village near Vetka.
As the town and district of Vetka are surrounded with forest, most its population is traditionally involved in hunting, picking mushrooms and berries, woodcrafts, etc.
Such outstanding forestry scientists as the academics Vladimir Romanov and Peter Rogovoy were born in the district of Vetka.
The Vetka’s Forestry is situated in the South-East of Belarus near the Russian border at 12 miles’ distance from the city of Gomel (see forest.gomel.by). And our most remote forest store is situated just at 40 miles’ distance from the nearest railway station.
The Vetka’s Forestry consists of 4 departments which are situated in Velirit Nemki, Svetilovichi, Stolbun and Vetka itself.
The Vetka’s Forestry is in charge of 244630 acres of forest resources including 165191 acres of forest area. The average age of the wood is 49 years. The average stock of the ripe and over mature wood is 270 cubic metres per one hectar (= 2.471 acres). The most kind of wood is pine.
The amount of the wood cut down is approximately 28.000 cubic metres a year including the timber. The amount of pine wood cut down is from 10 to 13 thousand cubic metres which is just about 60% of its potential use.
The Vetka’s Forestry regulary puts about 30.000 cubic metres of pine, birch, alder and asper wood on the Exchange auction (see butb.by). Modern roads make it easy to reach any corner of our forests any time necessary. You can pay for our products in any currency you like but first have a look at the foreign currency exchange rates of the National Bank of Belarus (see tut.by).
As soon as you buy our wood at the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (see butb.by) and make a contract with us, our highly qualified professionals will work out the area chosen by you. So you won’t need any other documents, permissions or permits. We can also arrange the transportation of your order to the railway stations where it is to be loaded for further transportation.
The radioactivity of our timber is always thoroughly checked and we garantet its quality which meets all the world standards required. Since our engineers been working under the circumstances when the level of radiation was rather high for about 18 years, we have a lot of experience in such work.
We are real professionals in the forestry, so you can always trust us! (The National quality certificate of the Republic of Belarus, ЛСБ №0004032, B series).
Although our supplies are not too big. We are always ready for mutually profitable cooperation.
Sincerely, Director of the Vetka’s Forestry, Sergey Danilchenko.
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Беларусь Гомельская область Ветка ул. Октябрьская,139

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